Mission Statement

Striving to make a meaningful impact, the Giorgi Foundation supports programs that are grounded in Christian values. We dedicate our time and resources to:

  • Help those most in need and empower women through education and science
  • Support enhancing the human experience through art and creative expression
  • Promote innovative research
  • Ensure proper shelter, care and rehabilitation for animal welfare


Through the Foundation’s annual grants, Peter and the Giorgi Family strive to honor the Giorgi Family legacy, perpetuate their family values, and have a meaningful impact in the four target areas of the Giorgi Family Foundation’s mission statement.

Arts & Creative Expression icon Animal Welfare icon  Human Services & Women icon Innovative Research icon

Type of Support

The Foundation strives to make meaningful impact and has the capacity to fund appropriately. The Foundation seeks proposals for grants that can dramatically expand new or existing programs. The Foundation’s Directors are particularly interested in programs that can track and report on demonstrable impact towards benchmarks defined by the applicant. They are willing to consider multi-year proposals, but grant payments in future years may be contingent upon progress towards stated benchmarks. They acknowledge the need for funding to support program overhead costs, but these costs must be clearly identified and justified.