Penn Medicine’s Abramson Cancer Center

Located in the city of Philadelphia, Penn Medicine’s unique comprehensive campus reflects its mission to deliver exemplary clinical care, medical education, and leading-edge research to improve the lives of patients and families facing illness. Opening in 2021, the Pavilion is the latest addition, with 504 private inpatient rooms that offer the latest technology in a healing environment.

Penn Medicine’s Abramson Cancer Center is a world leader in cancer research, patient care, and education – dedicated to reducing the burden of cancer locally, across the nation, and the globe.

Located in Philadelphia, which is quickly becoming recognized as a cell and gene therapy epicenter, the Abramson Cancer Center (ACC) benefits from the strengths of the region’s rapidly growing scientific infrastructure, the diversity of expertise across fields, and the generosity of a thoughtful philanthropic community. 

The ACC is driven by and for people: people who study, treat, and support those affected by cancer. 

Penn’s unparalleled team has enabled the ACC to remain an NCI-designated Comprehensive Cancer Center since 1973, and to achieve an EXCEPTIONAL rating that reflects their science-driven, patient-focused efforts. As one of only 51 comprehensive cancer centers in the United States and three in Pennsylvania, the Abramson Cancer Center is translating its designation into exceptional care for patients and families.

With expertise in cancer surgery, immunotherapy, targeted therapy, chemotherapy and radiation therapy, a wide breadth of clinical trials, and 12 FDA-approved therapies based on research led by the ACC – patients are ensured access to the very best possible options available.

For decades, Penn Medicine’s Abramson Cancer Center has been amassing an immunological arsenal. The ACC builds and tests cancer therapies that weaponize the immune system on several fronts: turning it on, releasing its brakes, rejuvenating it, or programming it to hunt and kill cancer.

These discoveries – including the first-ever FDA-approved gene therapy for cancer — ignited Penn’s ImmunoRevolution and ushered a new era of treating patients with their own immune systems. As the world’s leader in immunotherapy, Penn has empowered clinician-scientists of all disciplines to harness the potential of the immune system to prevent and treat diseases beyond cancer. Imagine, going to your doctor for immune testing as part of your annual physical and having your immune health monitored just like your blood pressure. Human immune monitoring is immunology’s next great leap, promising to change the way we prevent and treat countless diseases. And that is what’s happening at Penn.

The University of Pennsylvania brings research to life. Having Penn’s Health System and all Schools and Centers on one campus, within walking distance, has incubated a fluid culture where collaboration is easy, expected, and encouraged. Penn’s science-driven, translational approach to care means better outcomes for patients in our community and beyond.

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